Marketing With PorscheJahnae: How To Create A Facebook Business Page

Often times I see entrepreneurs who are just starting out creating a personal Facebook page for their business. This could hinder not only your growth but one will quickly find themselves discouraged. No worries, I got your back. Check out this article on all you need to know about creating a Facebook business page.

What is a Business Facebook Page?

A social media account that is identified as your business digital presence. Your business page is what keeps you connect and informed on what your users want to see. A business page allows viewers to:

  • Like
  • Comment
  • Share
  • Follow
  • Shop
  • Send Emails
  • Schedule Appointments
  • Hours Of Operations
  • Reviews
  • Analytics
  • Create Business Ads

That is just to name a small portion of the benefits of having a business Facebook page.

Facebook Personal Page VS Facebook Business Page

Whats the difference you ask between a personal page and a business page? The answer is first impression. First impression is so important and I’m going to provide you with an example for the sake of this article.

An actual screenshot of my personal page
An actual screenshot of my Facebook business page

As you see, my personal page provides details about who I am and where I come from. Whereas my business pages informs you on key points that you should know about what it is that you can expect to see. Though I’m able to add small description to my personal page on what it is that I do, it doesn’t extend enough information.

Why Is It important to have a Business Facebook Page?

The benefits of have a business page are endless. Provided with marketing options to create ads and allow people who are in search of what you have to offer, the ability to find you. Not many know how important it is, that’s why businesses with a page are able to stand out from the crowd. You would rather purchase from someone who is has everything displayed and able to purchase at a click of a button than having to contact you through Facebook messenger just to inquire.

What Types Of Business Should Have A Business Page?

Any business no matter the niche.

How To Create A Facebook Page?

Whats awesome about a business page is that they are typically linked to a personal account. So whenever you log into your personal account, your business account will be just a click away.

A Facebook page can be create via web or mobile device.

How To Create A Business Facebook Page Via Web

Web: Locate the “+” at the top of the page. This will create a drop down
Web: Select Create A Page
Fill in the information for your business

You will be promoted with a message that informs you that you will be notified once the page has been completed in creating to start posting. Subscribe to my Marketing with PorscheJahnae series by signing up with your email below.

How To Create A Facebook Business Page Via Mobile

You’re all set!

What are you waiting for? Get too creating! you can always reach out to a professional to assist you.




Extreme Hair Growth: Rice Water (No Boil Method)

Extreme Hair Growth: Rice Water (No Boil Method)

The all-natural hair treatments made at home has rolled over into 2021, check out this hair mask that can promote quicker results an even more defined curls.

What is Rice water?

Rice water consist of fermented rice and the choice of your favorite hair oils. This mixture has been proven by to be the key treatment in restoring and attaining longer length natural hair. This accent hair mask is no secret, but here’s why you should add it to your regimen.

What Are The Benefits of Rice Water

  • Rice water contains water soluble vitamins that help hair cells produce black pigment.
  • Levels scalp pH balance
  • Rich in protein and amnio acids
  • High in inositol to protect from additional hair damage
  • Improves hair condition
  • Restore and define curl pattern

What is Fermentation?

Fermentation is the altering of a carbohydrate such a sugar into an acid or alcohol. The process occurs naturally in many given foods. A few common examples of fermentation is how we are able to turn milk into yogurt, milk into cheese and also involved in the creation of beer. This method has been around for thousands of years.

Why You Shouldn’t You Boil Your Rice Fermented Water?

When fermented water is brought to a boil, you will find that your nutrients will no longer be as potent. If you think about how campers or hikers create fresh water to drink? The water is gathered then brought to a boil before being consumed to kill any bacteria. Boiling can not only lower the nutrients but can kill the good bacteria needed to reach your hair length goal.

Here’s How To Make Fermented Rice water

Fermented Rice Water Hair Mask

Serving Size:


  • Organic rice
  • Spring Water
  • Jojoba Oil


  1. Rinse the rice until clear of dirt and debris.
  2. Place the organic rice into a mason jar filled with Spring water.
  3. Begin the fermentation process by allowing the rice to sit in the spring water as little as 30 minutes. (You will see faster and quicker results by allowing the rice to to up to 3 days.)
  4. Drain the rice and set the rice aside, you can create a rice pudding hair mask using the organic rice or you can discard of it.
  5. This step is optional, add your choice of hair oil to increase the rice water benefits.

Wondering How To Add Rice Water To Your Hair Regimen ?

  • Shampoo Hair
  • Coat hair from roots to ends in rice water.
  • Detangle Hair
  • Place a shower cap over your hair and allow the nutrients to soak into your scalp and hair follicles.
  • Optional* Before placing the shower cap, you can add your choice of hair oil to enhance moisture.

This mask is super easy to make and add into your hair regimen. Let me know in the comments below how Rice water has been beneficial to your hair growth?




Extreme Hair Growth : Onion Water

Are you looking to achieve extremely hair growth this year? Did you know that onion water could be the missing nutrients needed in your hair regimen? Check out how this extreme hair growth can be added to in your regimen.

What is Onion Water?

Onion water is an all-natural hair treatment that consist of nutrients that were boiled then cooled and placed into a a spray bottle.

What Are The Benefits of Onion Water?

  • Antioxidant
  • Prevent hair loss
  • Assist with combating Alopecia
  • Scalp infections
  • Damaged hair
  • Restoring and increasing blood circulation

Onion water contains sulfur promotes extreme hair growth and can prevent hair loss from occurring. You will also find collagen in onion water, which in return can produce healthy skin cells that stimulates hair growth.

What Type Of Onions

Because there are varies of onions to choose from in your grocery store, a yellow onion will provide you with the nutrients you seek too add to your hair regimen.

However, if you are able to obtain the root of the onion, this indeed will yield an increased nutrient level of sulfur. Which in return will give better and quicker results.

How Do You Create Onion Water?

Onion Water Recipe

Serving Size:
16 oz Mason Jar
30 minutes


  • Yellow Onion/Onion Stock
  • Spring Water


  1. Slice one onion into four pieces
  2. Fill one mason jar with spring water
  3. Dispense the water in the mason jar into a pot to boil
  4. Place the onions into the pot of spring water and bring to a boil
  5. Once the onion pieces have boiled, remove the pot from the heat and allow to cool
  6. Once cooled, place the items into a blender and blend on high
  7. Using a mesh cloth, drain the blended ingredients into the mason jar
  8. using a funnel, pour the mixture into a spray bottle.
  9. Place the unused mixture into the refrigerator, and label it for 1 week from creation. (Example: 1/29/21-2/4/21)

How To Add To Hair Regimen?

Now, lets talk about how to add this your hair regimen so you can begin your extreme hair growth journey.

To add this treatment to your regimen, you would use this onion water treatment after shampooing. Spray the mixture on the hair working from roots too ends. Be sure to apply the mixture evenly throughout and then apply a cap to allow it to sit on the hair and scalp for 10-25 minutes.

Rinse the onion water from your scalp and follow up with your desired products

I recommend deep conditioning your hair afterwards by allowing the conditioner to sit on the hair for 30-45 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will this make me smell like onions? No this treatment should not leave you with an onion odor. I advised following up with conditioner.
  2. What if I am allergic? I do not recommend using this treatment if you allergic to the ingredients.
  3. Why should I use Spring Water? The benefits found in spring water, can help remove the build up created by the fluoride found in your water. This can enhance your hair ability to retain moisture over time by supplementing spring water.

Do you or plan on using onion water? Let me know in the comments on how it works in your hair regimen.




Invite-Only App: What is Clubhouse?

What is Clubhouse? I was recently provided with an invite for this exclusive app. Here is what you should know about this invite-only app in case you find yourself using it.

Word Around Town..

Clubhouse word around town is that it allows you to connect with what are known to be “angel investors”. These type of investors are known for assisting companies with finical start-ups. accommodating by getting their products on the shelves in-stores.

Since gaining my invite in late December of 2020, I can attest to being in a room full of companies pitching to investors. Hearing the words ” DM me your information and I can make an introduction for you” from a multi-million dollar investor can change your life.

Who Are The Creators of Clubhouse

The creators of Clubhouse are Rohan Seth and David Paulson. They definitely stay out of the lime-light with all of the new talk about their latest creation. The app was valued at around 100 million in spite of having 1,500 users in May 2020 according to CNBC.

Who Uses Clubhouse

The app is known for having A-list celebrities speaking in rooms. Once you begin maneuvering around on the app you might hear celebrities like Drake, Gabrielle Union, Chris Rock, 21Savage, Meek Mill, Ashton Kutcher and even Oprah. You can participate in conversation with celebrities or sit back and gain knowledge and wisdom from successful entrepreneurs who are in the position you desire.

Apart from celebrities, the users are typically apart of an elite clientele. So if you are able to obtain an invite to this app before begin released to the public, consider yourself lucky.

What is Clubhouse?

This app is only available on IOS. Here’s a preview of how the app looks on your homepage.

Clubhouse is an audio-based social media app that allows users to create rooms to talk and share ideas, network or build relationship. The company describes itself as “a new type of social platform based on voice that allows users to explore different conversations and connect with people around the world”

Basically, Clubhouse mimics real-life interactions. You can enter and exit different podcast flowing rooms that are speaking on a wide variety of topics and make new friends and learn different perspectives by deepen and developed conversations.

Following The Rules

Just like other apps, there are community guidelines in place to ensure the security of your conversation and experience, however; it isn’t guaranteed. It is important that you are not sharing content that you are not ready to display to the world. Though a guideline is in place to protect a speaker that informs users to NOT record conversations. You must also be aware of what you are pitching too investors in rooms with 1000 of listeners. Read more about Clubhouse Community Guidelines here.

How To Get Invited

As of today, an invited is required to join Clubhouse. Clubhouse is not intended to be exclusive. So if you have an IOS you can download the app and reserve the username desired until you are able to retrieve an invite or released to the public.

The app is planning on expanding to the public in the near future, however; as the small team grows to be able to manage a large number of users. They feel the best approach would be to build the community slowly. Read more on why it isn’t open to the public yet. Have you been able to join? How has your networking improved?

xoxo PorscheJahnae


6 Things You Should Know About A Libra Woman

6 Things You Should Know About A Libra Woman

When you cross the past of these air sign goddesses, one can find themselves overwhelmed when it comes to understanding a Libra. Check out these six things you should know about a Libra woman.

Though These women have a star-struck beauty, they have so much more to offer. When a one crosses the path of a Libra women, they find themselves in the presence of a Queen.

It’s The Little Things That Matter The Most

When you have a Libra friend, significant other or whoever is a Libra in your life, understand, Libra’s truly loves the little things. They will look at you with their bright-beautiful eyes they are often known to have, in such awe, in the fact that you took time to remember the little things about them.

Whether you send a text to check on a Libra, or send a bouquet of the finest roses of their favorite color. You will find a libra drawing closer to you as you keep the little things in mind.


The confidence of a Libra can be extremely intimidating to a person who is suffers with their self-confidence. Do not take any offense to the way a Libra’s confidence, it’s naturally born within them. Though you may find some Libra’s who may not know the true value and beauty they hold, it’s extremely rare.

Libra’s normally attract friends that may be in the stages of building their confidence, their light shines bright onto others filling them with inspiration and hope to also be confident.

They Like Their Space

Libra’s are a joy to be around, but you will find some who are extremely confident but are introverts. These Libra’s will allow you so much of their time and energy. No worries, allow a Libra space.

If a Libra woman knows that you give her space to breathe and recharge, she will respect you so much for not making her feel bad for enjoying her time in solitude.

Expensive On A Budget

On the other hand, you will find the remaining amount of Libra’s shopping. Libra’s love to shop, it’s treated as a therapy for them.

They are often seen as the luxurious woman on the block, but what a lot of people don’t know is, a Libra woman can turn rags to riches, literally. Libra woman are stylish, they can turn an outfit that was purchased under $50, make one assume she is dripping in designer.


Libra women are known to be sensitive, be gentle in your response towards a Libra. They will be put up a wall that will be hard to break down. Libra woman love reassurance, they are over thinkers, sending them a reminder of how much you love them or expressing how much fun you have with them.

If not, they probably will be sitting and wondering if you had a good time with them as much as they did with you.

When they love to make people feel happy and comfortable whenever around them because Libra women knows how it feel to be alone. You must think about what you say too Libra women.

Natural Born Leaders

Libra women are great leaders. They’re naturally able to take control of any situation and make it the best. A lot of people admire how a Libra women for how she carries her struggles and pains with elegance.

Do you know some Libras in your life? What are some characteristic you’ve been able to identity within Libra Women?


4 House Ingredients To Look For In Your Skincare Products To Clear Acne

4 House Ingredients To Look For In Your Skincare Products To Clear Acne

While looking into the ingredients of a skincare product, one can become overwhelmed. Don’t worry! Learn these four house ingredients to look for in your skincare products and feel like a pro.

Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide is a powerful ingredient used to combat acne.

  • Anti-Inflammatory

Get rids of red bumps and reduces the appearance of acne.

  • Anti-Bacterial

Kills the bad bacteria on your face that is causing the acne.

  • Comedolytic

Erases the appearance of white and black heads.

One of the major benefits of benzoyl, is that it does not cause bacteria resistant. It’s fast acting, as little as five days when using it. The only caution when using this ingredient is that it can bleach towels. I recommend a benzoyl peroxide resistance towel when using.

What To Expect When Shopping For Benzoyl Peroxide

When you arrive to the store you will see facial wash, body washes, along with topical creams and gels. When benzoyl peroxide is in a product, you will see different strengths. Ranging from as low as 0.2% all the way up to 10%. With so many options on how to incorporate this into your skincare routine, what strength do you begin with?

Helpful Tip #1: If you never have used benzoyl peroxide before, I recommend starting off with a 0.2% and increasing based on your skincare needs.

Helpful Tip #2: I recommend starting with a facial cleanser or a body wash. Introducing the products to your skin that may have less contact and less likely to cause irritations or side-effects.

Salicylic Acid

  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Comdelytic

Salicylic acid is also known as a chemical exfoliate. Advise by an experts to us a chemical exfoliate rather than a physical exfoliate such as an acne scrubs and beads because they can cause distribution to the skin barrier.

Chemical exfoliate can be extremely beneficial in clearing acne. Just like benzoyl peroxide, you can see results in as little as five days. Another great benefit is that it is a oil-soluble product. Other types of acids like Glycolic, and Azelaic are both water-soluble. Meaning the oil will. absorb into your oil gland (secretion of too much oil can be factor in causing acne) breaking up the debris and unclog the pores. Because it sits on the outer most layer of the skin, it can be a more tolerable acid in fighting acne.

What To Expect When Shopping For Salicylic Acid

You will notice that just like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid has different cleansers such as facial and also topical creams. The strengths you will see will range from .05% all the way up to 2%.


  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Can assist with other products penetrating deeper into the skin

Is a term used for a topical vitamin A that can be applied to the skin, that stimulates the production in new blood cells and unclogs pores. Reducing the appearance of fine lines and getting rid of rough patches on the skin.

What To Expect When Shopping For Retinoids

When you are shopping you will notice that retinoids will also come in different terms such as

  • Adapalaene
  • Tretinoin
  • Retinyl Palmitate
  • Tazarotene

These are the most comes names for retinoids in the ingredients, which is just different forms of vitamin A.

WARNING: Not all retinoids work well with other ingredients.

Placing retinoids strategically into your skincare routine is extremely important. Some retinoids can be broken down by benzoyl peroxide. So you wouldn’t use benzoyl and a retinoids treatment together. Using one during the day, and the other at night will allow you to incorporate them both into your skincare routine and receive the benefit, retinoids should be used in your night-time skincare routine.


  • Anti-bacterial
  • Helps to peel away the dead skin cells from the surface.
  • decreases oil production

Sulfur can be a great product to incorporate into your skincare routine because it can help to absorb the excess oils and killing bacteria that’s causing acne.

What To Expect When Shopping For Sulfur

Just like the ingredients listed above, sulfur also comes in different forms and can come in a strength up to 10%. Incorporating sulfur face mask or facial cleanser to combat the stubborn acne.

This is a reminder that you don’t have to purchase loads of products to achieve healthy-looking skin.

What products do you use that contain one or more of these ingredients ?




Journaling: Why It Should Be Apart Of Your 2021

Journaling: Why It Should Be Apart Of Your 2021

I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

Are you looking to start the new year with a clear and focused mind set? Then I definitely recommend journaling. Check out these benefits of journaling that’s provided with a simple pick-up of a pen.


What Is Journaling

Journaling is to write ones observations, thoughts and feelings on paper. Journaling can provide clarity and understanding regarding situations and circumstances that may arise in your life. sustaining a clear mind of the constant thoughts, and improve mental health.

Journal Or Diary

Journaling is a modern-day diary, but for my male readers, please now that many males with great minds had a journal. Great minds like, Leonardo Da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, George Bernard Shaw, Charles Darwin, Issac Newton, Maya Angelou and Abraham Lincoln all wrote out their thoughts.

Take a look at how detailed Albert Einstein travel diary was while he was aboard a ship to the United States.

Albert Einstein’s Travel Diary to the United States. He recorded his experiences of being aboard from November 1930 to June 1931( The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Whether you refer to is as a Diary or a Journal, they both have the same purpose. Journaling is sorta like a modern-day diary.

Who Should Journal?

I believe everyone should have journal. Writing can be beneficial to those who are battling with anxiety, depression and stress. I can’t express how beneficial journaling has been for me. I decide to create a journal custom to my needs and it has been selling! Looking for a journal? Check out my prayer journal

I find my to be at peace when taking 5- 10 minutes to stop and analyze my day and actions.

Why You Should Journal

An idea is just an idea until it’s written down. Then it becomes a plan. A goal. Write out your thoughts and get them out of your head”

Often times we allow our day to slip right by us without actually living. Living is apart of growing. You allow thoughts of never thought of inventions to pop up but fade away. Document so much that by the time you’re fifty you can paste together the pages and leave behind and autobiography about your life.

Journal Benefits

According to the experts, Dr. James Pennebaker, and expert in expressive writing informed readers to achieve the best results from journaling, it was recommended to

  • adopt cursive-writing to write your thoughts our faster.
  • Write it out by hand can relieve tension and those feelings attached to the situation.
  • No one else will see this, write down every thought, curse word and release as the thoughts exit your mind and onto paper.

No one else will see this, write down every thought, curse word and release as the thoughts exit your mind and onto paper.

Writing accesses you’re the left hemisphere of the brain, which is analytical and rational,” says Maud Purcell, a psychotherapist and journaling expert. “While your left brain is occupied, your right brain is free to do what it does best, i.e. create, intuit and feel. In this way, writing removes mental blocks and allows us to use more of our brainpower to better understand ourselves and the world around us.”

Thomas Oppong: stated in an interview with Maud Purcell in “The Life-Changing Habit of Journaling (Why Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, and Many More Great Minds Recommend it)”

“Journaling is not a commonplace habit, it is a keystone habit. Keystone habits affect how you work, eat, play, live, spend and communicate.”

Thomas Oppong- “The Life-Changing Habit of Journaling (Why Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, and Many More Great Minds Recommend it)”

Final conclusion

Though journaling alone will not sky-rocket your productivity, but it offers you a starting point. A point of change, to analyze and re-direct your life and focus all with a simple move of a pen. When you put the hard work behind it and review how those situations made you feel and find better ways to respond is when you will see an increase.

Your energy and time is so important, if you were told that you only had 50,000 breathes, you would be most couscous of what you spoke about. You would speak less but say so much in just a few words. Begin to treat your life as such and understand how important you truly are.

Do you own a journal? What are some improvement you’ve noticed within your life since beginning? Change in behavior?

At anytime you can turn the switch from Survival to Winning.

Today I want you to make the decision to turn on the switch.

It’s Time To Win.

Check out more journals below and start your journal process 2021! (202WON)



Check Out More Journals


L.O.C Method For Extreme Hair Growth

L.O.C Method For Extreme Hair Growth

I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

Are you tired of your hair reverting back to dry and dull? Maintaining natural hair around the Winter can cause your hair to become dry and cause damage, hindering you from achieving extreme hair growth. I want to introduce to you a method that could solve your low-preciosity or high preciosity hair problems and offer the nutrients needed to obtain extreme hair growth in 2021!

extreme hair growth 2021

What is the L.O.C Method?

L.O.C is an abbreviation used for Liquid or leave-in conditioner, Oil and Cream.

This method not only informs you on the steps you should take when applying the products, but with so many natural hair products to choose from, it also informs you on which products to purchase.

L.O.C prevents the moisture from escaping your hair with each layer of product offering a different textured moisturizer, ensuring if it absorbed the first layer quickly, it will not need as much moisture from the second layer. Ensuring that the moisture remains in the hair shaft, allowing your hair to retain moisture for longer periods of time.

This method is beneficial for natural women or kids who struggle with combating dry hair.

Even those who have high-preciosity hair may find that their hair to become dryer quicker around the Winter time. This method would be perfect addition to your hair regimen through August until late May.

Products Needed

Liquids/ Leave-In Conditioner

Good news, you may have the products in your home already; however, if not, check out these products I recommend for achieving phenomenal results.



How Start L.O.C Method

You want to introduce this method to clean and freshly washed hair. This allows you to start off fresh and remove any old products that may be built up on the hair.

Step One : “L”

The first step in the method is liquid. This step can be done in two different ways. You can add moisture by applying water and your choice of a leave- in conditioner, or you can chose between the two methods depending on your hair needs. Be sure to coat the hair evenly before going into the next step.

Helpful Tip:

I recommend if you are starting the regimen on extremely dry and dull hair, to use both. Saturate your hair in water and apply a leave-in conditioner.

If you are starting off with moisturized or slightly moisturized hair, I recommend using only one. Choose between saturated in water, or damp with leave-in conditioner.

Step Two: “O”

The second step in this triple threat for dry hair is oil. Choose from your choice of oils your hair loves. This step will lock in the leave-in condition from the previous step. I recommend using a light weight oil for low-preciosity hair to prevent build up and a heavy oil for those who have high preciosity hair being that the moisture is able to quickly absorb.

Step Three: “C”

The final step of this fire regimen is to apply a moisturizer cream to seal in the layers. This final step will allow you to obtain longer-lasting moisturized hair, making it easier to manage. Evenly apply the cream throughout your hair.

Final Conculsion

Let’s me say this, don’t get in that beauty store and start overthinking products and just grabbing. I do want to say, for this regimen, as Lon as the description contains Leave-in Conditioner, Oil or Cream. You have every layer needed to being this triple threat. Look into the description and see if it fits your hair needs or will be able to assist in growth. It’s important to pay attention and identify the products are loving to achieve extreme hair growth.

One thing I love about this regimen is that if a nutrient is not found in one layer, it surely will find it in the next.

Have you tried the LO.C method? What have you difference have you notice with your type of texture?




My Top 10 Must-Have Amazon Products in 2021

My Top 10 Must-Have Amazon Products in 2021

I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

Are you tired of using out dated products. Check my top must-have Amazon products, keeping you in the loop of trending products. With so many items to choose from, I’m sure there will be at least one item on this list that will spark your interest.

My Top 20 Must-Have Amazon Products in 2021

All-new Echo Dot (4th Gen) | Smart speaker with clock and Alexa | Glacier White

Cost: $39.99

Purchase now!

Alexa just got better in 2021! This new 4th gen Alexa can now ease drop on room, use it as an intercom and communicate through rooms using the mic. It even tells jokes to lighten the mood of a awkward party vibe.

Airtight Food Storage Container Set – 4 PC Set – Labels, Marker & Spoon – Kitchen & Pantry Organization Containers Great for Flour, Cereal – BPA-Free – Clear Plastic Canisters with Improved Lids

Cost: $27.97

Purchase now!

Since I’ve been preparing to purchase my first home, I’ve found myself into more customizing and organization. These containers are the bomb dot com. Easy to stack and comes with labels and a marker to label the containers.

ANTSZONE Women’s Oversized Popcorn Soft Knit Batwing Sleeve Open Front Long Cardigan Sweaters with Pockets

Cost: $32.99

Purchase Now!

This popcorn sweater is the most comfortable sweater ever. Perfect for down time when reading a book or for warmth for a quick run to the store. This simple yet stylish sweater will add to any piece.

Washing Machine Nictemaw Portable Washer 1.45 Cu.ft/13.5Lbs Capacity Full-Automatic Compact Laundry Washer Spin with Drain Pump, 10 programs Selections with LED Display Ideal for Home, Apartments, Dorms, RV

Cost: $209.99

Purchase now!

Who needs a washer and dryer hook-up when you have a portable washer? This new generation washing machine is a coin-saver. Perfect for students, explorers and those living in a home where a connection isn’t available, consider investing into this 2021 handy machine.

COSORI 5.8QT Electric Hot Air Fryers Oven Oilless Cooker,11 Presets Preheat& Shake Reminder, Nonstick Basket, 5.8 QT-Black

Cost: $119.99

Purchase now!

Save yourself the hassle when cooking and invest in an air fryer. This fryer has everything you need to cook healthy foods. Place your choice of meat or snack into the air fryer, set the timer and boom. The most flavorful food you will ever taste.

Neck and Back Massager Pillow, Shiatsu Kneading Massage with Heat for Shoulders, Lower Back, Waist, Legs, Foot and Full Body Muscle Pain Relief, VIKTOR JURGEN Unique Gifts for Men, Women

Cost: $39.99

Purchase now!

9 Herb Window Garden – Indoor Herb Growing Kit – Kitchen Windowsill Starter Kit – Easily Grow 9 Herbs Plants from Seeds with Comprehensive Guide – Unique Gardening Gifts for Women & Men

Cost: $15.99

Purchase now!

Start your own garden in 2021 and become more aware of the products you place into your body. This window garden system contains dill, basil, chives, oregano, thyme, cilantro, parsley, sage and mustard. Find the joy in watching your garden grow right before your eyes and harvest and repeat.

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp, Tall Round Metal Basket lamp with Dimmer Switch | 8-10 lbs

Cost: $18.24

Purchase now!

This Himalayan salt lamp is designed to bring warm and peace to the mind, body and soul. This lamp will have your area filled with a warm color and feelings.

Echo Show 5 with 3 months of Amazon Kids – Charcoal

Cost: $45.98

Purchase now!

Make reconnecting with family easy with echo show 5. This handy and trendy gadget will allow you to watch your favorite shows.

That completes my top 10 must-have products.

What are some of your favorite products from Amazon that you’ve purchased in 2021?




15 Biggest 2021 Natural Hair Trends

15 Biggest 2021 Natural Hair Trends

I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

Your go-to hair regimen allowed you to sustain through 2020, but it is time to switch up things a bit sis. Check out these natural hair trends that you can expect to see in 2021.

Plenty of hairstyle trends to choose from allowing you a whole new meaning to the famous mantra new year, new me. I have gathered together natural hair trends to provide you with inspiration. Whether you’re fantasizing the idea of a new cut, or switching up your go-to hair do, browse through these 15 popular natural hair trends.

1. Wash-Out Hair Dye

If you have not caught wind of the trend on your social media timeline of people trying out the wash-out dye, check it out. Looking to try out a new hair color without permanently changing it? Consider changing adding some color into your hair.

2. Finger Waves

This trendy hairstyle would have made Marylin Monroe jealous. 2020 saw its share of finger wave patterns, and you can expect the trend to continue all through 2021. Ladies are shortening their hair for easy to manage hairstyles. These cute waves will

3. Autumn Colored Hair

Get in-to-it sis. Wait a minute, let the sun set in. Yes! get in-to-it! Autumn colored hair was a huge trend from 2019 that transition over to 2020 making her entrance into 2021. If you have not seen how much glow the color compliments melanin skin to the T and will have necks turning no doubt.

4. Blunt Cut Bob

If you haven’t seen Lord Farquaad enter the room feeling like a bad chick, then you must haven’t noticed this trendy hairstyle. A hairstyle that will most definitely be within the new year. Blunt cut bobs will provide you with a sophisticated , classy and flowing. Stiff where?

5. Slick Ponytail

A slick ponytail will have all the heads turning. Showing off your facial features is one of the reasons a lot of people cut their hair short. No need to do that when you can achieve it with a slick stylish and trendy ponytail. I have seen so many different styles and types of ponytails from curly, wavy, straight to chain links. The creativity never ends with a hairdresser.

6. Half-Up Half-Down

This style for me is super cute one of the most popular trending hairstyles. This hairstyle can be achieved with so many hair textures. Definitely will be rolled over into 2021 for an inspired look.

7. Butterfly Locs

Protective hairstyles like butterfly locs took over the hairstyle game for my melanin queens in 2020. This style is not only one of the most trended styles, but it is also one of the most recommended styles. Ranging from different styles such as; Bohemian locs, Marley locs, Faux locs and Goddess locs are some of the trendy locs styles that will be all up in 2k21.

8. Two-Toned Hair

This stylish modern look can be achieved with so many stunning hair colors. Deciding on one color can take some time thankfully, two-tone hair is en vogue. This trend is all about being customizable and combining colors.

9. Clip-Ins

This hair trend has been restored from the 90’s returning the last few months of 2020. This trendy statement to your hairstyles speaks volume. I’ve seen Black Lives Matter clips and so many cute customized pins thats adds styles.

10. Side-Swepted Bang

Let me be very clear, the traditional bang did not make it into the year of 2021. After the release of the song “BAYANG” by Nyissa that went viral on TikTok, it was over for wearing a traditional bang ( for some, I might slide one in 2021 insert Megan the stallion “Ah” ) but a side-swept bang has been a hairstyle trend resurfacing from the early 90’s and will be seen in 2021.

11. Feed-In Braids

Braids in general will never fade and will always be apart of natural hair trends. Feed-in braids will be a take over for 2021. I look at it as sorta like a software upgrade, for traditional box braids. Have your braids looking as if they coming directly from your scalp. Sis. Period.

12. Two-Strand Twist

There’s no better way to achieve a defined curl texture than with heatless waves. If you’re working with natural hair, a twist out is a easy protective style that can get the curls popping and necks turning. It’s all applying twists throughout your hair and leaving them to sit overnight. Once you unravel them in when dry or the next day, you’ll have a bomb curl pattern to flaunt off.

13. Voluminous Friz


This volume hairstyle trend will be seen in 2021. Volume is definitely an understatement when I think about this trendy hairstyle. Applying voluminous curls throughout your hair, and slightly separating the curls then go with a comb at the roots to distress and create volume to any curly hairstyle.

14. Hair Extension

Hair extension will be forever a go to to enhance a women’s beauty. What has been trending all 2020 and I do plan to see more in 2021, is women getting longer in hair extension. I find myself leaning towards 20′ or longer hair now. Many celebrities wear 30′ or longer extensions, achieving a glamorous mermaid look.

15. Lace Front Wigs

Baby, if you have not had a bomb hairdresser install a lace front onto your scalp or installed one on yourself, then you definitely have to try out this trendy style that originated in 2019 and has been pressing forward since. A lace front wig will definitely be a hairstyle within 2021.

What trendy hairstyle do you seeing in 2021?




10 Things 2020 Has Taught Me

10 Things 2020 Has Taught Me

2020 is now considered a year in the past, take everything you’ve learned and run! You were able to overcame so many challenges looking back. As we go into a new year, check out these 10 things 2020 has taught me. This year I want you to know, will be much different than the previous years I’ve endured.


There are a lot of things that 2020 has taught us about our relationships, our passions, our values but most importantly about ourselves.


1. You Can Overcome Anything

Being forced to stay indoors and adjust to constant change. Trying to make a quick run in the store until you realize you left your mask in the car mid-walk into the store. The frustration you feel walking back to the car lets you know you can overcome anything! well, at least for me.

Atrem Beliaikin / 2020

2. Take That Leap Of Faith

Time waits on no one. The right time to change jobs, buy that house, start a new hobby is now. Stepping out in faith to do the thing rather than waiting for the right time. The right time has been and will always be now! The year 2020 taught us that life is short. The longer you wait the more excuses will be available.

3. Don’t Take Good Health For Granted

Taking care of your body has been one of the most talked about topics during the year of 2020. Be sure to wash your hands for 20 seconds. Be sure to use hand sanitizer and lysol wipes to wipe down the surfaces. Wear your mask in public places. It is important to follow the protocols provided by your state officials that are in place to ensure you remain in good health. ABC News posted about a healthy teenager who dies after testing positive for Covid-19 “It just ate through her” family says. Teaching us to never take our health for granted.

4. Actions Matter More Than Words

Talking is easier than doing. You realized the value you hold, not seeking the attention of others, but finding in within your self after being forced to be in solitude in your home. You no longer allow people to half-step. Love those who love you and though you may have lost some friends along the way, they never gained an enemy. Wishing them well and loving them at a distance.

4. Difficult Times Reveal The Truth

You were faced with challenges that brought forward the true colors of those you held on a pedestal. Noticed any friendships fade in 2020? No hard feelings, we catching flights not feelings all 2021! Teaching us to be more compassionate towards ourself and others.

5. Be Eager To Learn Something New

2020 taught you many more skills, you learned how to step outside of the box and remain uncomfortable until a new habit is in existence. One of the joys of life is to learn new skills; new languages, new destinations, new crafts, new sports and new cultures. When the world slowed down around us, we were able to indulge in new skills.

6. Slow Down

Meditation may have been a new part of your routine. If not, consider looking into adding a small 15-minutes meditation session into your daily routine. This year showed us just how little time we have with those we love. Being shut indoors for weeks or months at a time required creativity to reconnect with those we love. What we knew as a busy culture bubble popped and we were rewarded with the opportunity to find ourselves and adjust to a stillness that is rarely afforded in modern life.

7. Unapologetically, Be You

This is the best era to be yourself. Find ways to express yourself whole heartily. When they hear others say – you can become whatever you desire it is true. You are the one placing the limitations. You can become anything and you can change the course at age 30, 40, 50, 60, 70. Don’t allow your age to hinder you, it only a number.

8 . Be Consistent

You can chant all the New Year’s Resolutions you desire, but putting in the hard is where many fall by the waste-side. We’re a byproduct of our actions, not our goals. So if you want something to happen for you – and only you – can make it happen. Mastering any new skill, starting a new business, renovating a space, all takes hard work and consistency. Start today and be consistent.

9. Risky Traveling

Not being allowed to travel as freely as I may please, has made me not take for granted the small road trips or my first plane trip in 2020. Traveling in 2020 taught me that traveling is risky but is it worth the risk?… a life-threatening risk that it.

10. It’s Okay To Ask For Help

It’s so easy to be stuck in pride and ego while drowning. 2020 taught me it’s okay to ask for help. Whether you lost a job during the pandemic, forced to work long hours to make ends meet due to a reduction in wages. Reaching out to local charities or churches for assistance with a bill, should never make you feel bad. It is okay. If this year didn’t show you how to budget, get a budget plan in place for your household expeditiously.

My Conclusion

Overall, 2020 has taught me to forgive. Teaching me that it is okay to not be okay; that it’s okay to let go and surrender. Teaching me to hold dearly to those who love you. To no longer be naive to the situation at hand. Facing all my adversity head on, it taught me that I wouldn’t have known my light, if I never was faced with darkness. Timing heals all. Breaking toxic and old habits within myself and getting uncomfortable doesn’t feel good sometimes but it is life-saving.

For better or for worse, this year has changed you for the better.

What has 2020 taught you? Comment