Pregnant With My First Child…

Are you pregnant with your first child? Are you wondering what now? What do you do next? You would think so much comes next when you find out you’re pregnant. Let me tell you about my experience that may ease the rushed adrenaline you’re experiencing.

When I found I was pregnant I had this overwhelming load of adrenaline hit my body. I begin pacing back and fourth, wondering how in the world am I going to take care of a baby.


Actual photo of the day my pregnancy test came back positive -December 17, 2018

I knew to take a pregnancy test when I kept throwing up, I hardly ever vomit. So right then and there I knew something was up with my body.

I begin to think there has to be so much I need to do now that I’m growing a whole human inside of me. Here’s what I’ve learned…

What do you actual suppose to do when you find out that you are pregnant with your first child?

  • If you’re drinking or doing any drugs and/or smoking cigarettes, you should stop immediately. (If you’re are having a hard time stoping please reach out to your local sources for assistance.)
  • Visit your local supermarket to purchase a form of prenatal vitamins. The vitamins depending on the brand can vary in size. For those who find it hard to swallow pills, they have them in gummies.

  • Contact your primary care doctor to inform them that you have had a positive pregnancy test and you would like to schedule a prenatal care visit. You will visit the doctor every four weeks until you get closer to your due date. For more information on prenatal visits, check out this (blog post).
  • If you do not have a primary care doctor, please contact your health insurance provider to see if pregnancy benefits are on your policy. If so, find a local OBGYN in you’re network for cheaper out-of-pocket expense. If you do not have pregnancy benefits, please obtain a letter from your healthcare benefits department. Take the letter with you to set up an appointment to be able to obtain free prenatal care at your local health department.
    • Please inform yourself on what is safe to eat for you and your little one. check out this( blog post) on a

healthy diet

    for first time mothers.

I want to be the first to tell you that not all of your days will be filled with sunshine while you’re pregnant. If you have an unplanned pregnancy, not everyone has a pregnancy the way they had it all planned. Whatever decision you make I want you to truly think this out. Do not act out of angry or hopeless. You’re beautiful and you’re truly a blessing. You will get through whatever it is that is challenging you right now. Let those tears fall, it’s okay to not always be okay but just remember. Everything you have survived in the past has prepared you for this moment.

Congratulations! The journey to motherhood begins ..

I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I did. Always remember you’re worth it.

-PorscheJahnae 🌻


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