Breastfeeding| Low Milk Supply

Breastfeeding| Low Milk Supply

Does this sound familiar to you? ” Keep your little one latched as often as possible.”, “Try lactation milk or cookies.”, “You may be producing enough milk” but your little one is screaming to the top of their lungs hungry, How do you handle things emotionally when you’re trying everything you can? Want to know more just keep on reading.

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My Truth

Before my daughter Myaamia (Me-Ami-Uh) was born, I decided to breastfeed her. I had my lactation nurse in place, planned on attending breastfeed classes to educate myself on what to expect and how to properly feed my baby. Having a small/medium chest size, I really questioned if I could breastfeed my baby for an entire year. Some of my family members were excited, some laughed, and some even gasped like “Damn this girl is about to starve her damn baby trying to breastfeed. Literally one of my cousins said, “What are you going to feed her, powdered milk?” 

When she was born everything went perfect. She had a good latch, everything was going fine. Ya know, ya girl breast was sitting pretty with all that milk. One month post-delivery of my daughter is when things changed, she was 4 weeks old and I was barely producing an ounce.

She would be hollering to the top of her lungs and I knew she crying because she was hungry. 


Up for hours at 2 am with her latched, feeling disappointed that I couldn’t feed my precious baby. Throughout the day I would have her latched every half an hour. I changed my diet, I tried teas and even lactation cookies. Nothing worked. My breast stops swelling and my tears begin to fall. 

I was exhausted, frustrated and you could tell. 

How do you handle it emotionally when you’re desiring to bond with your child, but you’re forced to switch your little one to formula? 


Understand and acknowledge that you have done everything you possibly. Showing gratitude for the time you were able to breastfeed. 


Expand Bonding Time 

Breastfeeding is not the only way to bond with your little one. Looking into their eyes,   Skin to skin, and a massage just to name a few. 

You will get through this sis. I know you really wanted to breastfeed. It’s okay. Continue to take care of yourself. Talk to someone about how you’re feeling. 

Talk to me


5 Tips On How To Increase Milk Supply


1. Latch Baby as Often As Possible

By latching your baby as much as possible can help increase your milk supply. Latching your little one sends signals to your body to produce more milk.

2. Apply A Warm Compress

Apply a warm compress to your breast can help loosen dried up milk, help with soreness, and even help increase blood circulation producing more for your little one.

3.  Staying Hydrated

Breastmilk consists of 92% water, so be sure you’re drinking plenty of water.

4. Lactation Snacks

Try eating lactation cookies, or brew a cup of lactation tea. Here are my favorite items you may like:

5. Massage Breast

Daily massage your breast, this can help with swelling and soreness, help with blood circulation that increases milk supply.


Try all of these things before giving up. When you have tried absolutely everything dust yourself off and plan to try again next baby.

Email me your breastfeeding stories to be featured on the next MOM Talk post. 

Until tomorrow sis. As always, Be happy. Be Kind. Be gentle with yourself. 

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