Top 4 Skincare Must-Haves| Fall 2019

Top 4 Skincare Must-Haves| Fall 2019

The Fall season is two days away, what better way to prepare and repair your skin from the Summer damage than with a new skincare routine with these products. Tackle your dry skin using Top 5 Skincare Must-Haves For 2019 Fall season? Continue reading. . .

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Fall Season Is Here 


I love this time of year. I can literally taste the pumpkin spice latte, I can feel the warmth from my peacoat, I can feel the tip of my ears stinging from the cold air hitting them, and I can even feel my skin beginning to dry out. That’s something I don’t enjoy around this time. Every year my face becomes extremely dry, my lips begin to crack from the cold weather, and my skin just overall looks dull.

Literally looking like Spongebob when he’s out of water. Lol *Side looks

Maintaining healthy and glowing skin is always the goal sis, so I had to switch up from my own skincare routine and tried out some new products on my skin. The results were amazing and it has been my skincare routine for 2019. I know you will enjoy them as well. Let us check them out.

My Top 4 Skincare Must-Haves 


#1 Tatcha (The Water Cream)

Ok, so where do I even begin to rave about this product. TATCHA(The Water Cream) is my favorite product in 2019. For those of you were once like me and never heard of this product, sit back, I’m about to tell you all about it.

TATCHA is a face cream that is inspired by Japanese skincare traditions passed down from generations. I just want to say that the reviews were are lying when they say this stuff is AMAZING.  I had to try it out for myself and my skin loves this lightweight moisturizing cream. I couldn’t stop rubbing my face because of the silky, smooth, soft finish from the cream with visibly and noticeably different skin with a first couple uses. That’s not even the best part, TATCHA packaging is literally the bomb dot com. Check out the lid on the jar, do you notice a small spoon? YES! They even provide you with a small golden spatula to help with getting small amounts of product. I’m telling you a little goes a long way and the jar lasted me over a month. Another thing that I love about TATCHA is that it is cruelty-free. I definitely treated myself to this cream and I just had to add it to my must-haves.


#2 Clinique Liquid Facial Soap

Do you have dry skin? Looking for something that isn’t going to dry or damage your skin more but actually helps? I found that a lot of the drugstore facial cleanser was breaking me out here and there. So I purchased Clinique Facial Soap, and all I can say is I love how it gently cleanses the skin with very little product. Thick lather and no scent is one of the many reasons I love this facial soap in the Fall. It helps with improving dry skin, dark marks, and along with the moisturizer mention above makes this product a must-have in your skin routine this season. Try it out for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments below.


#3 Organic Lip Scrub( Vanilla Sugar)

Often times I would forget about my lips prior to the cold weather starting, I have the worst experience with cracked lips. I begin to use this sugar scrub before applying my makeup and before going to bed. I noticed within a week of lip scrubbing that has hyperpigmentation on my lips. Who would have known? My lips are plumped and hydrated now that when I do apply balm it soaks into the skin instead of sitting on top.

#4 ChapStick

I never realized how important applying a lip moisturizer was until I had got tired of having my horrible chapped lips. My favorite chapstick is the Total Hydration chapstick. This chapstick not only leaves my lips with a nice creamy moisturizing finish but it has a pink tint to it making my lips look pink and healthy.


That completes my Top 4 Fall 2019 Must-Haves. Until tomorrow, as always, be kind. Be Happy. Be clear Skin

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