5 BEST Natural Hair Products|Fall 2019

5 BEST Natural Hair Products|Fall 2019

The Fall season has arrived and you may begin to notice your hair breaking and failing to retain moisture due to the change in the climate. These 2019 hair products are a must-have in maintaining healthy natural hair in the Fall.

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If you’re like me, then you love the Fall season. I don’t know whether it’s the warm lattes in front of the fireplace or the “SHIT” I scream getting into an ice-cold car in the early mornings that I love about the Fall. Either way, it’s one of my favorite seasons. With the colder season comes dryer skin and dryer looking hair. After doing loads of research and testing out multiple hair products. I have created BEST Natural Hair Products for Fall 2019. These products are extremely moisturizing, allowing you the put forth the best you the remaining of 2019.

Best Natural Hair Products| Fall 2019


1. Wild Growth Oil

If you do not have this oil as a part of your daily hair regimen then you are definitely shorting yourself on inches. I have been using Wild Growth Oil for years now and the results always exceed my expectations. Allowing me to bring this oil with me in the change of season. This hair oil is a must-have and can be mixed with your other favorite oils such as Jojoba oil. It not will make your hair grow like crazy, but it definitely keeps your hair and scalp moisturized for days. SHOP Wild Growth Oil 

2. The Mane Choice: Tropical Moringa Oil And Honey Daily Moisturizer Sealing Cream

If you’re not hip to The Mane Choice hair products then I don’t know where you have been hiding. This natural hair product brand is known for delivering quality to your hair. If you’re a fan of amazing smelling hair products this is definitely one. This daily moisturizer gives you a tropical scent while nourishing and providing your hair with high-quality moisture. Now, I know this cream sounds like it will weigh down your hair, but it does the total opposite. It can also help define your co-wash or curly style allowing your hair to remain bouncy and healthy. SHOP The Mane Choice 

3. Shea Moisture: Intensive Hydration Treatment Hair Masque

Yes, I had to add a deep conditioning product on here now. Well, for some of you that may not know what a hair “Masque” is, it is a deep condition hair treatment that is applied to the hair every two weeks. So not like your usual deep conditioner, where you could apply daily and leave-it. This treatment restores moisture back into your hair, prevents breakage, damage, removes frizz, and helps to repair your hair natural shine. Making this product a must-have within my Fall hair regimen. SHOP Shea Moisture Intensive Hydration Treatment Hair Masque

4.  As I Am: Coconut Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner

If you’re following my post, then you know I am always for a co-wash every week. I will shampoo and conditioner wash every month and that is what I consider a deep cleanse on my hair. You should try it out. Co-washing your hair helps it to retain the sebum created to give your hair a natural shine. A good co-wash product can help your hair keep the good oils it needs. As I am is a well-known hair company that brings quality to the hair market. I have been using As I Am for years. This product will define the mess out of your curl girlfriend. I’m not even joking and it smells so good it will have you swinging your neck so hair so that everybody around can know it’s you. I had to add this product to the list because of how beneficial it is to your natural hair. Did I mention how affordable it is? SHOP As I Am: Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner

 5. Africa’s Best: Hair Mayonnaise

I feel like this last product is slept on. My hair loves Africa’s Best Hair Mayonnaise. Now the scent to this product grew on me after finding out how much moisture it gives to my hair. I have to apply a lot being that it feels like more of a water-based product. It’s really good for detangling out old hairstyles. Especially after rocking your pineapple for a few days, apply a hand full of this product before detangling. The slip it gives helps to define curls while moisturizing your hair. SHOP Africa’s Best Hair Mayonnaise

That completes this 5 BEST Natural Hair Products for Fall 2019.


Until Tomorrow, as always, be Kind. Be happy. Be Moisturized.


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