Ultimate Beginner Guide: How To Start A Self-Hosted Blog

Ultimate Beginner Guide: How To Start A Self-Hosted Blog

Are you considering starting a blog but don’t where to start? Would you like to work from home and type about the things that you enjoy doing and have a passion for? It may sound hard in the beginning but I promise you can have your blog up within the next thirty minutes to an hour and start posting ads and making money the SAME DAY! I want to talk to you about how I was able to take my FREE WordPress blog and turn it into a self-hosted blog.

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The Reason Why I Switched…

I have been blogging for over 3 three years now. Being consistent is harder than it sounds and that is what separates a lot of bloggers from one another. I knew I was able to make a website become successful but I never stayed consistent to see any results until I went self-hosted less than a month ago.

Even though I was inconsistent in posting, I had a following and people actually enjoyed reading my content whether I post twice in one-year or daily. Blogging has allowed me to be a stay-at-home-mom to my three-month-old baby girl. Blogging has opened up so many opportunities for me to be able to make a living from home.

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I viewed being self-hosted as my actual business launch and I recommend that you do the same. I had nothing but two posts that were transferred from FREE WordPress to my new self-hosted blog. Blogging can be a great way for a person to write about topics they love instead of being in front of a camera. You can blog about so many things. You can blog about:

  • Your pet squirrel and how you take care of it
  • Your favorite car
  • Traveling
  • Working From Home
  • Selling Products
  • Selling Service

I mean the list is unlimited about what it is that you would like to blog about. The first step to anything is making the first step and publishing your first post. You Can DO IT! START NOW! WHY WAIT?



What is a self-hosted blog? A self-hosted blog is one that resides on your own server, where you own and control your website. One of the many reasons bloggers decide to go self-hosted. Third-party platforms such as Blogger, Wix, WordPress, they can remove your content at any moment without your permission, your site will be loaded with ads and your money-making options become limited versus unlimited. Self-hosting allows you to be unlimited and remain captain of your own ship.


Blogging Myths

  • It’s expensive
  • I need to know how to code

None of the above are true. It is really simple to set up a self-hosted blog and you can get started for as little as $45 for the first year! I have no coding experience!

Step 1: Create a Plan

Create An Overview 

Plan out what it is that you would like to write about it. , STOP! Don’t just jump right in without a plan. This where I often made a mistake in my two previous websites. I had no foundation I just begin to put out content without a plan. The reason you need to have a plan in place is to track your growth and analyze what YOU want to write about each day to be able to put out as much content as possible. Determine whether you want to start out blogging for a year or longer, brainstorming your domain name, branding colors, logo ideas and more. When you have your overview written out it’s time to put things into action.

Do You Already Have A Third-Party Blogging Site?

Already started creating content on free blog sites like Blogger, WordPress, Squarespace or any of the other blogging sites?  If you are planning on keeping it, great, that’s content that could be transferred over. I will talk about this later in the post. Even if you’re completely new at blogging but would like to go start out on a self-host this blog post will walk you step-by-step on how to get started.

Step2: Purchase Your Domain

I was able to purchase a domain from NameCheapFor as low as $8.88. Purchase your domain now! 

Big Discounts for Domains, Hosting, SSL and more


Check to see if your domain is available

Hover over “Domains” > “Domain Name Search

If a domain name is already taken, it will show “TAKEN” and offer you other options.

NameCheap has a “BirthdayPromo” currently going on to save you even more. Obtain your domain for as low as $8.28!! Click Here to Get Started 


Step 2: Sign up at FastComet


Yes, you’re able to purchase your web hosting, positiveSSL, private email through NameCheap If you would like everything in one place. If the price is not a concern of yours then definitely go for it and purchase your web hosting within NameCheap.

Fastcomet is a website hosting that I recommend to everyone looking to start a self-hosted blog. I know you have read a lot about HostGator or even Bluehost but that is only because of the commission they are offering to affiliates. This may be your first time reading about FastComet hosting and I have been with them since starting less than a month ago and I have not one issue. They handle my volume with amazing uptime. The prices are EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE. Did I mention their customer service? Available 24/7 to answer any questions or to assist you with transferring for FREE! Sign Up Today!If the price is a concern, and you have a budget like me then purchasing your web hosting separately will offer you a better deal. I was able to get web hosting for $36 for the first year!

Click “GET STARTED” on which plan works best for you.

Click “I already Have a Domain” >Enter The Domain Purchased From NameCheap> Click ” Use This Domain”


Enter your information


 Select Plan

Select Extras

FastComet offers domain registration. If you would like to purchase your domain through FastComet it is an annual fee of $9.95.

In addition, all of their website packages come with

  • FREE SSL certificate
  • cPanel & Softaculous
  • Email Features
  • $75 Grasshopper Credit 

protecting your readers without the hassle! Winning!!!!

They set up everything for me for FREE!

  • They transferred my FREE WordPress -Do not worry about losing any content you created on your FREE blog, it all can be transferred over! Cool Beans!
  • They Set up my SSL (Known as the http(s))
  • They changed directory – From www.porschejahnae.com/wp to www.Porschejahnae.com

Try out FastComet Webhosting FREE 14-Day Trial Today!

Finally, after purchasing your web hosting your cPanel will be emailed to you. Contact customer service via chat and inform then that you just purchased your web hosting and would like to be assisted in transferring or set up your blog. I asked the same exact question and my amazing rep assisted me through everything and informed me once the changes were made. Super quick and easy. I had my blog up and running within twenty minutes after purchasing my hosting.

Connect WordPress to Website

For those of you who are familiar with the dashboard on WordPress.com, WordPress.org offers the same. Transfer your content and feel like you are on your back blogging on your old blog but with better opportunities for you.

Open your Cpanel

Scroll down to softaculous Apps Installer> “WordPress

Install WordPress



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