How I Revamped My Pinterest Business Account And Grew My Audience To 11,000 In 2 Weeks for FREE!

Do you have a business account that just isn’t getting any traffic no matter what you do? Don’t really understand Pinterest but looking to grow website traffic? In this article, I”m going to tell you how I was able to take my old Pinterest business account from 297 to 11.91k Impression. Increasing my audience over 1100%! 

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Let me just start off by saying just literally a month ago, I did not understand Pinterest at all. I couldn’t understand the concept of the outlet. So ya girl has had this business account for a while now and when I say I was barely pinning anything, I was. When I did I would create a pin and add it to the related board, I would get repins like crazy. I have received over 1.2k in traffic to my old website just from Pinterest so far this year.



Check out the results from my old website. The majority of my traffic was from Pinterest.



I literally learned how to blog using this old I learned over the course of a year, so many techniques on how to get the most out of organic traffic for different social media platforms.


Pinterest is a social media platform that provides you with inspiration. In exchange for a catchy pin, I can grow my traffic for free! After finally learning how to properly use Pinterest. I was able to start trying out techniques to generate traffic.  Pinterest can be great to get your business out there into marketing and building a name for yourself. You are basically creating pins that could inspire someone to visit your website and purchase products or even read your article. Whatever the case may be, if you don’t already, create a Pinterest account.


How I Increased Your Pinterest Impressions


I had to take a step back when I realize what I was doing was working but not knowing how to continue it is what caused me not to be able to build my audience. When I switched over from my personal to my business account, I created my self-hosted blog and literally was starting back at square one. Allowing the chance to learn and rebuild. People think that when your account isn’t getting enough traffic, by creating a new account could be your chance. When in reality, you can restore and rebuild and generate traffic. Look at my results, it’s definitely possible.



I found it to be a challenge that I can overcome. If you’re a daily reader of my post then you know I love a challenge. I completed these steps below every day or four to five times a week. I begin to see results the next day after applying these steps.


Step 1

Pin your content to your boards

  • I would create a pin for an article that I recently published immediately to all of the related boards that I also created.

After each article I publish would create a new pin and pin it to the board that is related to that topic.

(Example: Quick Food Article> Create Pin> Pin To Board>Boards NamesUnder Five Minutes Meals”, “Quick & Easy Meals“,”Food“)

Step 2

Use Canva

  • Created 2-4 graphics to include inside of my post to repin different cover images increasing my chances of an eye-catching pin.

I like to use Canva to create high-quality eye-catching graphics to add to my article. I didn’t have many images of my own so I would visit. Pexel, a website with free stock images that you can use.

Step 3

Using HashTags

  • Let me tell you something if you’re not using hashtags inside of your pins descriptions your missing out on so many people for FREE!
  • Just like Instagram, using hashtags can show you how many people are also hashtagging that same topic.

I found that when I used hashtags within the description of my pins that I would receive a lot more traffic. Try it out for yourself, one day when I was pinning my daily routine, I accidentally hit the hashtag sign along with the letter “K“, it began to pull up all the related topics starting with the letter “K“! Crazy! When it revealed how many people were using the hashtag, it was over 2 million people!!!!! What !!! For FREE!!!!

Step 4

Pin Others Related Topic Pins From All-Around To Boards

  • Pin over 30+  More Idea Pins to every single board every day

In my free time throughout the day I would make time to pin over 30 pins to each board I have created. I would use my mobile device to make it a lot easier to pin and be done for the remaining of the day to create more content.

Do these steps and I can promise you will see a difference in your business account for FREE within 2 weeks!


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