How I Help My Boyfriend Co-Wash His Hair

How I Help My Boyfriend Co-Wash His Hair

Do you see the potential in your boyfriends’ hair? All he needs sis is a good co-wash to rejuvenate his curl patterns and you as his hype-woman. Right? Let me tell you how I was able to teach my boyfriend how to co-wash his hair.


I asked my boyfriend if he has ever heard of a co-wash? He informed me that he has never heard of a co-wash and that he just does a wash every other week. A normal guy response if you ask me. While he is sitting around with tight pen waterwave curls within his high-top. Oh no Sir, let me put you up on GAME!

What is a Co-Washing?

Short for “Conditioner Only Washing”. Skipping shampoo and relying solely on conditioner to cleanse hair and scalp.

How To Co-Wash Your Boyfriends’ Hair


Define The Texture

While rubbing my fingers through his hair they slid through like butter. making it hard to resist playing in his hair. I define his texture. So he had no other choice but to allow me to do a co-wash on his head for my next blog post.


I started by detangling his hair with a wide-tooth comb. Before picking up the comb, ensure him that you will take measures to prevent head-snatching. Haha. Don’t pop him with the comb sis. Okay? Okay. Start detangling from the ends and work your way to the root of his hair. Damping the hair could help to make detangling easier.

Apply a Small Amount of Hair Oil

After detaining his hair, I applied my favorite hair oil. If you’re a reader of my articles, then you know how much I love Wild Growth Oil hair moisturizer. Using the nozzle on the bottle, I greased his scalped starting from back to front. Then I massaged the oil into his scalp using my fingertips. Haha. Just to show him I know what I’m doing.


Dampen His Hair

To give the co-wash a fresh look, I sprayed lukewarm water onto his hair.The reason I greased the scalp before dampening the hair is because, the water fills the cracks by hydrating the ends and strands.

I parted one-inch sections and applied conditioner onto his damp hair. I racked the conditioner through using a rat-tail comb. This method could be used to define his curls, instead I used my fingers and created finger coils.

The curls were so defined and popping. When he looked into the mirror, haha, he said he look like a guy that supposed to be on a Soul Glo commercial. We busted-out laughing. The things this man does to support me is amazing. Later on he informed me that he loves the way his hair feels and the couldn’t stop touching it.

You should definitely try-out a co-wash on your boyfriends’ hair.

Until next time. Be you. Be kind.


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