Extreme Hair Growth Routine For Babies

Extreme Hair Growth Routine For Babies

Are you looking to tackle your little one’s hair problems? Would you like to achieve extreme hair growth for your little one? When my daughter Myaamia turned three months old, her hair began to break-off bad from cradle cap. I tried everything, I even scheduled an appointment for a dermatologist to take a look at her scalp, created an all-natural butter, all the way to the no bald cream that is supposed to prevent babies’ hair from shedding. Nothing seemed to work until I tried out the white bottle Wild Growth Oil



My Reason For Delay

I was questioning placing the oil onto her scalp due to the strong sulfur odor. The day I decided to finally try it out on her, she was five-months-old. I would apply a single drop of oil on the problem area in the front of her head, massaged it in using my fingertips and all was left to do was wait to see if she would have an allergic reaction to the single-drop. 

Extreme Baby Hair Growth Routine 

She did not react the first night, so I decided to repeat the steps once more, but this time in the back of her head. To my surprise, my daughter could use Wild Growth Oil! At that moment, I became excited. 

I have been using the oil on my hair for years now, So I trust the product to work to promote hair growth. I’ve cut-off all of my hair before and was able to achieve my desired length and thickness with a six-month time-frame and with being consistent. Since she did not react to the oil, I increased the drops to three-four and I knew Myaamia’s hair journey had just got ten times better. I would apply the oil to her scalp twice a week after giving her night bath, still to this day.


Actual photos.

The result I received from using the oil on her hair was remarkable. Within a consistent two-week time frame, the bald spot we once knew, had began to sprout some twigs. I have now added a satin bonnet into her hair routine and have notice a difference her hair doesn’t dry-out as fast.



Helpful Tip: By massaging your little one’s scalp with your fingertips helps to increase circulation promoting hair growth. 

Until next time. Be you. Be kind.

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