Wild Growth Oil For Extreme Hair Growth 2020

Are you looking to grow your hair longer and thicker in 2020? Obtain the length you desire by using Wild Growth Oil.

I struggled for over a year with growing my hair. I did the big chop and thought –hey maybe starting over would be best for me. But what happens when ya shit don’t grow back? I have a good ass grade of hair and the AUDACITY for it not to grow back baffled me.

Let me tell you, I being to become vulnerable and desperate to try anything for my stubborn ass hair.

“I refuse to perm my hair. I will remain strong on my natural hair journey. My Afro shall flourish towards the sun.” -PorscheJahnae

Wild Growth Oil

Wild Growth oil is a self-proclaimed ” hair growth stimulate” created in the US. This oil is targeted to help those experiencing hair loss, increase hair growth and promote healthy hair. Wild Growth Oil has been around for years for those who are just now reading about it for the first time, this product works great with ALL HAIR TYPES for both men and woman.

I decided to try this product years ago because of a mental health disorder called “Trichotillomania”. Trich for short, is a disorder marked by the compulsive urge to pull hair out. I would twist in my hair for hours, lost in thoughts, not even realizing the damage that I was doing to my hair. I knew I had to do something to repair the damage. Around this time, Wild Growth had just hit the shelf of my local beauty store. I was literally desperate to try anything.

I decided to create a hair regimen and stick with it. I would pair this oil with a protective-style. I began to focus on applying the oil solely on my problem area and see what would happen.

Hair Regimen 

  • I would wash my hair with conditioner one a week.
  • I would do a deep  scalp cleanse every two to three weeks
  • I would place my hair into a protective style for at least three weeks. I enjoyed doing crochet in my hair. Check out this video on how I did my own protective style.

The results were amazing. My hair loves this product! You should try it out today! Begin your extreme growth hair journey.

until next time. Be you. Be kind. Be Natural.


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