Does Genetics Determine Hair Growth?

Does Genetics Determine Hair Growth?

Many people are quick to believe that genetics play a huge role in achieving your desired hair length. Does your genes determined whether you will bald or have hair like Rapunzel? In this article you will learn if that is truly the case.

Hey sis, and welcome back to another amazing topic of mine. Does your genes determine your hair growth?

When you think of genes, you think of something being passed down from either your mother or father. Though hair length is not genetic, but it does determine the time your hair takes to grow. Known as the Anagen Phases, which is determined by your family genetics. 

The anagen phases lasts anywhere between 2 to 6 years, before hair strands shed known as the terminal length. Some people may have shorter anagen phases. Even people with the same genetics could have different anagen phases. People even try to do the math to determine how long their hair can actually grow. However; scientist has already found most people on average have about of 4 years, allowing one to achieve waist length hair.  

Now for those who may have hereditary hair problems such as: alopecia, psoriasis, gray hair, etc. These scalp conditions does play a huge role regarding your hair growth, however; it does not mean you can not seek proper treatment to achieve your length. So do not give up hope. Consider switching up your diet and so many other natural and medical treatments are out here to help you jump that hurdle. 

Final Thoughts

Although genetics plays a small role in hair growth it does not determine your hair length. Meaning as long as you stay consistent with your hair regimen, you’re able to achieve your desired hair length. Do not get caught up with the fact that your parents did not have the best hair, because with the proper hair care, you can overcome those hurdles. I recommend you creating a hair regimen, to reduce breakage and damage hindering your length goal.

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