Single Mothers, I’m With You

Single Mothers, I’m With You

For that woman who just told her unborn child’s father she’s pregnant, and he left.
I’m with you.

For the mother whose been a single mom for quite some time and just absolutely fed up with raising a child on her own.
I’m with you.

For the mother working long crazy hours just to barely have enough money for food, because daycare is rent nowadays, and the father pays nothing.
I’m with you.

For the mother becoming a single mom for the second time because she trusted a man who turned out to be just another deadbeat dad.
I’m with you.

For the mother doing every second of her pregnancy without the help of the father. Every appointment you go to alone. Every check up. Every heartbeat. Every late night store run because baby is craving something weird. You go through every labor scare alone. Eventually you go through birthing a child that took two to make alone.
Believe me. I’m with you.

There is no pain greater than telling the father of your child that you are carrying half of him, and then having him leave and you spend the rest of your pregnancy without him. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. And if my worst enemy was going through that, she would no longer be my enemy. I would be there.

There’s nothing in this world stronger than a single mother. We get pregnant, we handle our pregnancy and continue on with our career, our schooling, tend to our other children, meanwhile breaking down behind clothes doors looking at all of our scars and wondering how we are ever going to do this without “him”?

But we do it. We get it done. Because that’s what mothers do. That’s what women do. We don’t run from our children, we raise them, and raise them well we do.

So for the fathers that were too scared to be there for your unborn child, their mother, and even completely disappeared for good. We don’t need you, we’re stronger than you. We took one look at our child and said no matter what happens in this world I will be here for them.

So continue on your path of abandonment. Your path of destruction, deceit, and narcissism. Our children, the children of single mom WARRIORS, will FOREVER be okay.

This piece was created by Cassidy R. to inspire single mothers. It spoke so loudly too me, that I had to share it with my readers. Thank you so much Cassidy.


Until next time. Be Bold. I’m with you.




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