Surviving Being Quarantined with Bae

Whether you are quarantined with bae, located in a different isolated home or bae is right next to you. Be inspired to do enjoy your time quarantined with bae. I feel like this time should be taken advantage of to make up for the lost time and spend quality time with your significant other, even if that means being 6-feet apart.


Hahaha. Let’s be honest writing from a women’s perspective. I honestly enjoy spending time with bae. I can hang out with him for a few days and when I say I few I MEAN THREE DAYS TO BE EXACT! We are currently on day ten of being quarantined. I must say I’ve been able to learn a lot about my significant other and how he acts in survival mode.

Even though we are always together, just as you may be with your significant other, it can be hard to find things to do. That’s why I am here to guide you on how to survive being quarantined with bae. Let’s get started:

Catching Up On Sleep

Honestly, who wouldn’t want to catch some sleep in the middle of a crisis? On the first day of being quarantined, you and bae may find yourself in the bed most of the day. Things may even get a little heated if you know what I mean.

Increased Metabolism

Forced to stay in for an unknown amount of time, due to the outbreak, grocery stores shelves were clean from people stocking up. You may have bought a lot of toilet paper, but you also got a lot of snacks calling your name in the cabinet. Listen, all I am saying is, portion your meals. You and bae can easily indulge in comfort food during this time and pick up some unwanted weight.

Netflix & Chill

Who doesn’t love good movie night with bae? Pop some popcorn, turn off the lights, put on something sexy and add a little smell good. We all know damn well Netflix and chill isn’t really Netflix and chill. It sorta goes like this, you turn on the movie, then next thing you know you’re giving bae The Deluxe1000. Then here comes Netflix asking, “would you like to continue watching?”. Watch the movie for real this time. With over 50 added content, I’m sure you and bae would enjoy Netflix and chill. Turn it into a double date by creating a Netflix party with your other favorite couple.

Sex, Sex & More Sex

haha, you should have already known this was coming. Being forced to stay indoors with bae, sex can become excessive. You and bae will find yourselves knocking the boots a lot more than usual. Trying new things, new areas but don’t add any new partners to the group until after this epidemic has ended. You will soon get exhausted and tired of having sex, spice things up by adding foreplay.

Spa Day

Take this time with your significant other to appreciate each other by having a spa day together. Soak your feet, apply a mask, turn of some relaxation music and cherish each other’s time.

Chef Bae

Get in the kitchen together and work as a team creating dinner. Some men are nice in the kitchen, put your bae to the test during this quarantine. Google a recipe, and work together to bring the dish to life.

Video Call Friends Other Couples

Being able to express your thoughts to your friends about how stressful this time can be can take the load off and allow you to survive being quarantined with bae. Your friends may be experiencing the same thing by video calling other friends who are quarantined with bae.

Create a TikTok Video

Viral coupled Tiktok challenges can create fun between you and bae. Put bae dance moves to the test and record a TikTok video or participate in a challenge and risk going viral.

Starting Your Family

Are you and bae looking to start a family but the stress load from work made it hard? Take advantage of this time and pay attention to your body. Purchase an ovulation checker and learn your open window to be able to conceive. Research all your options, such as IVF, adoption and a surrogate.

Exercise with Bae

Incorporating a workout into your daily life may not have been available prior to the outbreak. Using the weight of bae, create a work out routine together and try to implement it daily. Don’t allow the other one to slack, turn it into a game and hold the other one accountable for slacking by putting money in a jar or add some more reps to bae work out.

Quarantine Lunch

Is bae isolated at a different location but you are missing bae? Contact bae via facetime and have lunch. Get creative with social distancing and order delivery for you and bae and once the delivery has arrived for both of you, call via facetime and enjoy your quarantines lunch with bae.

Test Of Your Relationship

During this time, you will get to learn a lot about bae and how they will act in survival mode. Are they acting distance and not checking in on you? Or are they making sure your okay? Take this time to learn more about bae to make sure your both on the same page with life. Sticking together during this time is important.

Love can knock out all fear.

Until next time.

Be loved. Be safe. Wash your hands



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