How I Grew My Pinterest 550K Monthly Views In One Month

How I Grew My Pinterest 550K Monthly Views In One Month

Are you interested in learning how I was able to take my Pinterest account from 11,000 monthly views to over 550,000 monthly in one month? You will find secret techniques that no other blogger is talking about. I did not pay for advertisements to reach my monthly viewers nor did I need to to collaborate on group boards. I obtained organic traffic from these steps, that later increased my website views. I want to show you exactly what I was able to do to get free traffic so you can start getting results.


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How I Grew My Pinterest to 550K Monthly Views in One Month


I want to give you a background of my skills and allow you to understand the concept behind my techniques so that you can implement the exact same. If you have not yet, check out my first article on how I took my Pinterest from 0 monthly views to 11K in just a few weeks. It goes into detail on how I initially started growing my Pinterest account. As soon as I picked up on my technique, I saw an increase in my Pinterest reach, I also so an increase in my traffic on my website.



1. Creating A Pinterest Business Account

If you read my first article then you know how hard it was for me to understand the concept of Pinterest. If you are like me let me sum up what Pinterest is meant for, Pinterest is a social media platform that provides inspiration. Whether it may inspire someone to create D.I.Y or purchase a most-raved about products. So when I first started out on Pinterest, As a blogger, I wanted to treat my blog just like a business. The reason I switched from a personal account to a business account is that it provided my page with analytics. A Pinterest business account is the bomb! It shows you keywords being searched and pinning. Saving the time to search through keywords. If you have not yet, go to your setting and switch over to a business account.

2. Creating Eye-Catching Boards

It all starts with your boards. When you create a board you want to keep in mind…

  1. What Keywords are people searching for?
  2. What are people pinning
  3. What is trending?
  4. First or last pinned images?

When you create a board, keep these four things to keep in mind.

Secret Tips: The last pins you post will become the cover of your board. I made sure each time when I would stop pinning, is the quality of my last images.

Google Keyword Planner, is a great resource to use. It shows the keywords in levels, if the keywords are less likely to be searched you will see that the signal will be lower, but when you find a keyword that has a higher signal. BINGO!

Using HashTags To Find The Best Keywords

Find a way to implement that keyword into the board’s TITLE & Description. I prefer to use hashtags along with my keywords within my description. When I add a hashtag, Pinterest shows how many people are using that same keyword. You want to be apart of it. Join the fun and add the hashtag.

Secret Tip: One thing I have noticed when creating my board is my first pin, be mindful of your first pin because it becomes the face of your board. Be sure that you have something that is related and of course eye-catching sis.

3. Time Management

With anything you do comes time management. Before I talk about pins I want you to understand time is required. I didn’t realize how little time I was putting in and the results that I was getting out. So this step honestly depends on what pace you would like to grow your Pinterest business account too. Every day I would make time to manually pin. We will talk about manually pins later, but how much time should someone put in? When I first started I would put in 5-10 minutes to pin. The results were very low. When I sat aside at least 25-40 minutes to pin to my boards, my account would jump in numbers drastically.

Secret Tip: I now pin an hour a day broken into 20 minutes. If you spread the time out throughout the day, I found myself not being forced to pin but it came naturally.

 4. Pin. Pin. Pin.When In Doubt, Pin Somemore

Ok, now we are at the heart of this article. Now were are talking about the main focus. Pins. Pins are what can increase your Pinterest traffic.

Let’s take about Manually Pins, which means that you go individual into each board and select pins manually to be added to the board.

I would pin others related content to my boards all while creating articles for my website to mix in. I manually pinned until my thumb felt numb. Before I knew it, I’m easily up an additional 100 pins on one board. A productive day for me I must say..

By clicking the arrows, simply allows you to pin others connect quickly instead of opening each pin and saving them to a board. It definitely saved me so much time!!! Try it out for yourself.


5. Sign up Canva

This last step is what changed the game for my Pinterest engagements. Canva, where do I begin? Canva has allowed me to create eye-catching, jaw-dropping Pinterest graphics for years then later I bought Canva Pro to get access to over 60 million different fonts and design templates. It provided me with templates to create the best graphic to match my niche. Get your FREE 30-Day Trial of Canva Pro, It’s definitely worth every penny. If you want to be taken seriously, you will need to look professional.

Check Out These Pinterest templates 



I hope that you found the steps I took to obtain 550k within one month. If you would like to know more in-depth purchase my online course!



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  1. May 22, 2020 / 1:50 pm

    Hi it’s Brenda from I’ve been doing all these things and in about a month have had 5.2k impressions and 6.2k views. Thanks for the suggestions and for showing me that I’m not missing anything.

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