How To Manifest A Car- Manifestation Journaling

How To Manifest A Car- Manifestation Journaling

Are you interested in manifesting your heart desires? Check out these FREE templates to use to help you accomplish and manifest instantly. Everyone should have a manifestation journal!This full journal is now available for purchase on Amazon. Get yours today!

When I decided to create my manifestation journal, it was during a time I was really down bad and desperate to try anything to get some sense of a “better life”.

Manifestation has become a part of my daily life routine. I do it with out knowing and I do it with the intentions of knowing. I truly found how powerful I actually am when it comes to creating my reality. I overflowed my cup with love and manifested instantly. I will show you how I used these templates to manifest my brand new 2018 Honda Civic.

Define Your Goals

Define your target manifestation. Be sure to be realistic with yourself. Print off every image you can that can relate to your goal, watch success stories daily and begin to work towards that short term goal. This is how I manifested my 2018!

  • Research about your goals
  • Define the date you need the to have the goal accomplished.
  • Set your intentions.
  • Speak your affirmations.
  • Show gratitude
  • Get prepared to walk into your goal by doing the paperwork or setting aside the funds for that specific goal

Manifest Your Dream Car

Being specific is what let me know that “ Wow, I printed off this exact car just the end of last year and now it’s really mine. I’m sitting in the driver seat just like I set my intentions on doing!” I tell everyone that says “I like your car” or “nice car”. “ I MANIFESTED IT!”.

It wasn’t a coincidence that this car just so happen to become mine. I was specific in detail. That’s why HOW YOU WILL KNOW you manifested it. Your jaws will drop to your stomach once you realize it.

The funny thing I like telling people is. I never knew I was manifesting the car, I had forgot about printing it out honestly.

I wasn’t thinking about that exact car, but at the time I did need a car.

You’re a powerful creator. Create the life you desire. Manifest a car, a house, whatever it is. Nothing is too big or isn’t too small.

Power In Letting Go

Being in a bad space at that time in my life, I needed to find something to help me get back to the happy and loving person I knew was hiding underneath all of the pain and hurt.

It is so important to be overflowing with love in your heart.

This is why I used the Neon Pink for the creation of the journal. Each time I felt bad, I would open my bright journal and breathe in the pink and exhaling a black color representing anything that is not of love.

To become a powerful creator, opening up your heart chakra will allow you to manifest everything you desire, instantly!

Show genuine love to everyone. Avoid drama and avoid your energy to be involved with anything toxic. Which leads me to my third template, Write and Burn.

Define what is it is you need to let go of. There is so much power in letting go of worries, doubts or past hurt. All those things can hinder you from walking into your true desired destiny.

Trust me, we all have a story.

The point I’m trying to make here is, not allowing your past hurt hold you back from evolving into the best you.

I can not tell you how much of a weight was lifted off of my back.

Write down your fears, anything you need to let go of, write down and destroy the paper. You will find that the thoughts and fears will fade.

You’re a powerful creator.

Check out the full journal on Kindle Unlimited and available on Amazon in paperback.




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