10 Things 2020 Has Taught Me

10 Things 2020 Has Taught Me

2020 is now considered a year in the past, take everything you’ve learned and run! You were able to overcame so many challenges looking back. As we go into a new year, check out these 10 things 2020 has taught me. This year I want you to know, will be much different than the previous years I’ve endured.


There are a lot of things that 2020 has taught us about our relationships, our passions, our values but most importantly about ourselves.


1. You Can Overcome Anything

Being forced to stay indoors and adjust to constant change. Trying to make a quick run in the store until you realize you left your mask in the car mid-walk into the store. The frustration you feel walking back to the car lets you know you can overcome anything! well, at least for me.

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2. Take That Leap Of Faith

Time waits on no one. The right time to change jobs, buy that house, start a new hobby is now. Stepping out in faith to do the thing rather than waiting for the right time. The right time has been and will always be now! The year 2020 taught us that life is short. The longer you wait the more excuses will be available.

3. Don’t Take Good Health For Granted

Taking care of your body has been one of the most talked about topics during the year of 2020. Be sure to wash your hands for 20 seconds. Be sure to use hand sanitizer and lysol wipes to wipe down the surfaces. Wear your mask in public places. It is important to follow the protocols provided by your state officials that are in place to ensure you remain in good health. ABC News posted about a healthy teenager who dies after testing positive for Covid-19 “It just ate through her” family says. Teaching us to never take our health for granted.

4. Actions Matter More Than Words

Talking is easier than doing. You realized the value you hold, not seeking the attention of others, but finding in within your self after being forced to be in solitude in your home. You no longer allow people to half-step. Love those who love you and though you may have lost some friends along the way, they never gained an enemy. Wishing them well and loving them at a distance.

4. Difficult Times Reveal The Truth

You were faced with challenges that brought forward the true colors of those you held on a pedestal. Noticed any friendships fade in 2020? No hard feelings, we catching flights not feelings all 2021! Teaching us to be more compassionate towards ourself and others.

5. Be Eager To Learn Something New

2020 taught you many more skills, you learned how to step outside of the box and remain uncomfortable until a new habit is in existence. One of the joys of life is to learn new skills; new languages, new destinations, new crafts, new sports and new cultures. When the world slowed down around us, we were able to indulge in new skills.

6. Slow Down

Meditation may have been a new part of your routine. If not, consider looking into adding a small 15-minutes meditation session into your daily routine. This year showed us just how little time we have with those we love. Being shut indoors for weeks or months at a time required creativity to reconnect with those we love. What we knew as a busy culture bubble popped and we were rewarded with the opportunity to find ourselves and adjust to a stillness that is rarely afforded in modern life.

7. Unapologetically, Be You

This is the best era to be yourself. Find ways to express yourself whole heartily. When they hear others say – you can become whatever you desire it is true. You are the one placing the limitations. You can become anything and you can change the course at age 30, 40, 50, 60, 70. Don’t allow your age to hinder you, it only a number.

8 . Be Consistent

You can chant all the New Year’s Resolutions you desire, but putting in the hard is where many fall by the waste-side. We’re a byproduct of our actions, not our goals. So if you want something to happen for you – and only you – can make it happen. Mastering any new skill, starting a new business, renovating a space, all takes hard work and consistency. Start today and be consistent.

9. Risky Traveling

Not being allowed to travel as freely as I may please, has made me not take for granted the small road trips or my first plane trip in 2020. Traveling in 2020 taught me that traveling is risky but is it worth the risk?… a life-threatening risk that it.

10. It’s Okay To Ask For Help

It’s so easy to be stuck in pride and ego while drowning. 2020 taught me it’s okay to ask for help. Whether you lost a job during the pandemic, forced to work long hours to make ends meet due to a reduction in wages. Reaching out to local charities or churches for assistance with a bill, should never make you feel bad. It is okay. If this year didn’t show you how to budget, get a budget plan in place for your household expeditiously.

My Conclusion

Overall, 2020 has taught me to forgive. Teaching me that it is okay to not be okay; that it’s okay to let go and surrender. Teaching me to hold dearly to those who love you. To no longer be naive to the situation at hand. Facing all my adversity head on, it taught me that I wouldn’t have known my light, if I never was faced with darkness. Timing heals all. Breaking toxic and old habits within myself and getting uncomfortable doesn’t feel good sometimes but it is life-saving.

For better or for worse, this year has changed you for the better.

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