15 Biggest 2021 Natural Hair Trends

15 Biggest 2021 Natural Hair Trends

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Your go-to hair regimen allowed you to sustain through 2020, but it is time to switch up things a bit sis. Check out these natural hair trends that you can expect to see in 2021.

Plenty of hairstyle trends to choose from allowing you a whole new meaning to the famous mantra new year, new me. I have gathered together natural hair trends to provide you with inspiration. Whether you’re fantasizing the idea of a new cut, or switching up your go-to hair do, browse through these 15 popular natural hair trends.

1. Wash-Out Hair Dye

If you have not caught wind of the trend on your social media timeline of people trying out the wash-out dye, check it out. Looking to try out a new hair color without permanently changing it? Consider changing adding some color into your hair.

2. Finger Waves

This trendy hairstyle would have made Marylin Monroe jealous. 2020 saw its share of finger wave patterns, and you can expect the trend to continue all through 2021. Ladies are shortening their hair for easy to manage hairstyles. These cute waves will

3. Autumn Colored Hair

Get in-to-it sis. Wait a minute, let the sun set in. Yes! get in-to-it! Autumn colored hair was a huge trend from 2019 that transition over to 2020 making her entrance into 2021. If you have not seen how much glow the color compliments melanin skin to the T and will have necks turning no doubt.

4. Blunt Cut Bob

If you haven’t seen Lord Farquaad enter the room feeling like a bad chick, then you must haven’t noticed this trendy hairstyle. A hairstyle that will most definitely be within the new year. Blunt cut bobs will provide you with a sophisticated , classy and flowing. Stiff where?

5. Slick Ponytail

A slick ponytail will have all the heads turning. Showing off your facial features is one of the reasons a lot of people cut their hair short. No need to do that when you can achieve it with a slick stylish and trendy ponytail. I have seen so many different styles and types of ponytails from curly, wavy, straight to chain links. The creativity never ends with a hairdresser.

6. Half-Up Half-Down

This style for me is super cute one of the most popular trending hairstyles. This hairstyle can be achieved with so many hair textures. Definitely will be rolled over into 2021 for an inspired look.

7. Butterfly Locs

Protective hairstyles like butterfly locs took over the hairstyle game for my melanin queens in 2020. This style is not only one of the most trended styles, but it is also one of the most recommended styles. Ranging from different styles such as; Bohemian locs, Marley locs, Faux locs and Goddess locs are some of the trendy locs styles that will be all up in 2k21.

8. Two-Toned Hair

This stylish modern look can be achieved with so many stunning hair colors. Deciding on one color can take some time thankfully, two-tone hair is en vogue. This trend is all about being customizable and combining colors.

9. Clip-Ins

This hair trend has been restored from the 90’s returning the last few months of 2020. This trendy statement to your hairstyles speaks volume. I’ve seen Black Lives Matter clips and so many cute customized pins thats adds styles.

10. Side-Swepted Bang

Let me be very clear, the traditional bang did not make it into the year of 2021. After the release of the song “BAYANG” by Nyissa that went viral on TikTok, it was over for wearing a traditional bang ( for some, I might slide one in 2021 insert Megan the stallion “Ah” ) but a side-swept bang has been a hairstyle trend resurfacing from the early 90’s and will be seen in 2021.

11. Feed-In Braids

Braids in general will never fade and will always be apart of natural hair trends. Feed-in braids will be a take over for 2021. I look at it as sorta like a software upgrade, for traditional box braids. Have your braids looking as if they coming directly from your scalp. Sis. Period.

12. Two-Strand Twist

There’s no better way to achieve a defined curl texture than with heatless waves. If you’re working with natural hair, a twist out is a easy protective style that can get the curls popping and necks turning. It’s all applying twists throughout your hair and leaving them to sit overnight. Once you unravel them in when dry or the next day, you’ll have a bomb curl pattern to flaunt off.

13. Voluminous Friz


This volume hairstyle trend will be seen in 2021. Volume is definitely an understatement when I think about this trendy hairstyle. Applying voluminous curls throughout your hair, and slightly separating the curls then go with a comb at the roots to distress and create volume to any curly hairstyle.

14. Hair Extension

Hair extension will be forever a go to to enhance a women’s beauty. What has been trending all 2020 and I do plan to see more in 2021, is women getting longer in hair extension. I find myself leaning towards 20′ or longer hair now. Many celebrities wear 30′ or longer extensions, achieving a glamorous mermaid look.

15. Lace Front Wigs

Baby, if you have not had a bomb hairdresser install a lace front onto your scalp or installed one on yourself, then you definitely have to try out this trendy style that originated in 2019 and has been pressing forward since. A lace front wig will definitely be a hairstyle within 2021.

What trendy hairstyle do you seeing in 2021?




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