L.O.C Method For Extreme Hair Growth

L.O.C Method For Extreme Hair Growth

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Are you tired of your hair reverting back to dry and dull? Maintaining natural hair around the Winter can cause your hair to become dry and cause damage, hindering you from achieving extreme hair growth. I want to introduce to you a method that could solve your low-preciosity or high preciosity hair problems and offer the nutrients needed to obtain extreme hair growth in 2021!

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What is the L.O.C Method?

L.O.C is an abbreviation used for Liquid or leave-in conditioner, Oil and Cream.

This method not only informs you on the steps you should take when applying the products, but with so many natural hair products to choose from, it also informs you on which products to purchase.

L.O.C prevents the moisture from escaping your hair with each layer of product offering a different textured moisturizer, ensuring if it absorbed the first layer quickly, it will not need as much moisture from the second layer. Ensuring that the moisture remains in the hair shaft, allowing your hair to retain moisture for longer periods of time.

This method is beneficial for natural women or kids who struggle with combating dry hair.

Even those who have high-preciosity hair may find that their hair to become dryer quicker around the Winter time. This method would be perfect addition to your hair regimen through August until late May.

Products Needed

Liquids/ Leave-In Conditioner

Good news, you may have the products in your home already; however, if not, check out these products I recommend for achieving phenomenal results.



How Start L.O.C Method

You want to introduce this method to clean and freshly washed hair. This allows you to start off fresh and remove any old products that may be built up on the hair.

Step One : “L”

The first step in the method is liquid. This step can be done in two different ways. You can add moisture by applying water and your choice of a leave- in conditioner, or you can chose between the two methods depending on your hair needs. Be sure to coat the hair evenly before going into the next step.

Helpful Tip:

I recommend if you are starting the regimen on extremely dry and dull hair, to use both. Saturate your hair in water and apply a leave-in conditioner.

If you are starting off with moisturized or slightly moisturized hair, I recommend using only one. Choose between saturated in water, or damp with leave-in conditioner.

Step Two: “O”

The second step in this triple threat for dry hair is oil. Choose from your choice of oils your hair loves. This step will lock in the leave-in condition from the previous step. I recommend using a light weight oil for low-preciosity hair to prevent build up and a heavy oil for those who have high preciosity hair being that the moisture is able to quickly absorb.

Step Three: “C”

The final step of this fire regimen is to apply a moisturizer cream to seal in the layers. This final step will allow you to obtain longer-lasting moisturized hair, making it easier to manage. Evenly apply the cream throughout your hair.

Final Conculsion

Let’s me say this, don’t get in that beauty store and start overthinking products and just grabbing. I do want to say, for this regimen, as Lon as the description contains Leave-in Conditioner, Oil or Cream. You have every layer needed to being this triple threat. Look into the description and see if it fits your hair needs or will be able to assist in growth. It’s important to pay attention and identify the products are loving to achieve extreme hair growth.

One thing I love about this regimen is that if a nutrient is not found in one layer, it surely will find it in the next.

Have you tried the LO.C method? What have you difference have you notice with your type of texture?




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