Invite-Only App: What is Clubhouse?

What is Clubhouse? I was recently provided with an invite for this exclusive app. Here is what you should know about this invite-only app in case you find yourself using it.

Word Around Town..

Clubhouse word around town is that it allows you to connect with what are known to be “angel investors”. These type of investors are known for assisting companies with finical start-ups. accommodating by getting their products on the shelves in-stores.

Since gaining my invite in late December of 2020, I can attest to being in a room full of companies pitching to investors. Hearing the words ” DM me your information and I can make an introduction for you” from a multi-million dollar investor can change your life.

Who Are The Creators of Clubhouse

The creators of Clubhouse are Rohan Seth and David Paulson. They definitely stay out of the lime-light with all of the new talk about their latest creation. The app was valued at around 100 million in spite of having 1,500 users in May 2020 according to CNBC.

Who Uses Clubhouse

The app is known for having A-list celebrities speaking in rooms. Once you begin maneuvering around on the app you might hear celebrities like Drake, Gabrielle Union, Chris Rock, 21Savage, Meek Mill, Ashton Kutcher and even Oprah. You can participate in conversation with celebrities or sit back and gain knowledge and wisdom from successful entrepreneurs who are in the position you desire.

Apart from celebrities, the users are typically apart of an elite clientele. So if you are able to obtain an invite to this app before begin released to the public, consider yourself lucky.

What is Clubhouse?

This app is only available on IOS. Here’s a preview of how the app looks on your homepage.

Clubhouse is an audio-based social media app that allows users to create rooms to talk and share ideas, network or build relationship. The company describes itself as “a new type of social platform based on voice that allows users to explore different conversations and connect with people around the world”

Basically, Clubhouse mimics real-life interactions. You can enter and exit different podcast flowing rooms that are speaking on a wide variety of topics and make new friends and learn different perspectives by deepen and developed conversations.

Following The Rules

Just like other apps, there are community guidelines in place to ensure the security of your conversation and experience, however; it isn’t guaranteed. It is important that you are not sharing content that you are not ready to display to the world. Though a guideline is in place to protect a speaker that informs users to NOT record conversations. You must also be aware of what you are pitching too investors in rooms with 1000 of listeners. Read more about Clubhouse Community Guidelines here.

How To Get Invited

As of today, an invited is required to join Clubhouse. Clubhouse is not intended to be exclusive. So if you have an IOS you can download the app and reserve the username desired until you are able to retrieve an invite or released to the public.

The app is planning on expanding to the public in the near future, however; as the small team grows to be able to manage a large number of users. They feel the best approach would be to build the community slowly. Read more on why it isn’t open to the public yet. Have you been able to join? How has your networking improved?

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