Extreme Hair Growth: Rice Water (No Boil Method)

Extreme Hair Growth: Rice Water (No Boil Method)

The all-natural hair treatments made at home has rolled over into 2021, check out this hair mask that can promote quicker results an even more defined curls.

What is Rice water?

Rice water consist of fermented rice and the choice of your favorite hair oils. This mixture has been proven by to be the key treatment in restoring and attaining longer length natural hair. This accent hair mask is no secret, but here’s why you should add it to your regimen.

What Are The Benefits of Rice Water

  • Rice water contains water soluble vitamins that help hair cells produce black pigment.
  • Levels scalp pH balance
  • Rich in protein and amnio acids
  • High in inositol to protect from additional hair damage
  • Improves hair condition
  • Restore and define curl pattern

What is Fermentation?

Fermentation is the altering of a carbohydrate such a sugar into an acid or alcohol. The process occurs naturally in many given foods. A few common examples of fermentation is how we are able to turn milk into yogurt, milk into cheese and also involved in the creation of beer. This method has been around for thousands of years.

Why You Shouldn’t You Boil Your Rice Fermented Water?

When fermented water is brought to a boil, you will find that your nutrients will no longer be as potent. If you think about how campers or hikers create fresh water to drink? The water is gathered then brought to a boil before being consumed to kill any bacteria. Boiling can not only lower the nutrients but can kill the good bacteria needed to reach your hair length goal.

Here’s How To Make Fermented Rice water

Fermented Rice Water Hair Mask

Serving Size:


  • Organic rice
  • Spring Water
  • Jojoba Oil


  1. Rinse the rice until clear of dirt and debris.
  2. Place the organic rice into a mason jar filled with Spring water.
  3. Begin the fermentation process by allowing the rice to sit in the spring water as little as 30 minutes. (You will see faster and quicker results by allowing the rice to to up to 3 days.)
  4. Drain the rice and set the rice aside, you can create a rice pudding hair mask using the organic rice or you can discard of it.
  5. This step is optional, add your choice of hair oil to increase the rice water benefits.

Wondering How To Add Rice Water To Your Hair Regimen ?

  • Shampoo Hair
  • Coat hair from roots to ends in rice water.
  • Detangle Hair
  • Place a shower cap over your hair and allow the nutrients to soak into your scalp and hair follicles.
  • Optional* Before placing the shower cap, you can add your choice of hair oil to enhance moisture.

This mask is super easy to make and add into your hair regimen. Let me know in the comments below how Rice water has been beneficial to your hair growth?




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