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See adventures through the life of single mom. Find inspiration to explore the world with deals and traveling tips.

about me

Porsche Littlejohn founded  PorscheJahnae in February 2010. It initially started as a creative outlet, where she compiled all of her daily inspiration, thoughts, and photos of her personal experiences. Over the years, PorscheJahnae has developed into a top destination for inspiration, signifying Porsche as a top international fashion and lifestyle influencer.


Porsche strives to create beautiful content to inspire and help her readers achieve their goals. She lives by the motto ‘Dream , Believe, Achieve’ and encourages everyone to do so as well. Porsche strongly believes that if you speak affirmative and put effort into everything you do you are destined for success. I blog about all things fashion, beauty, lifestyle, fitness and food. So pretty much every topic you can think of, I’ve got it covered! You can check out my favourite brand collaborations here.